Casa La Rosa is an independent part of our home. It is a separate, self-designed space conceived for “La Rosa”, the mother/ mother-in-law that periodically comes from Italy to visit her children and grandchildren. It is also the place where we (the 2 of us and our first just born child) lived a year when the rest of the house was still a building site. Now we are proud of our home and this small but very nice apartment and we are happy to host you in the periods in which la Rosa is not there.


We are a couple of unconventional people. Always busy, creative, welcoming. Maybe it depends on our education as architects, but we tend to believe that maybe not everything, but lots of things are possible. Like: renovate and completely transform a historic building all by ourselves!
>It has been a challenge to transform the ruin we bought into a spacious modern home while retaining its historic features. If you are interested in architecture and interiors, you are always welcome to come and see the whole house. Our doors are always open.
I (Fabiana Toni) am Italian and love to kook. I maintain a blog about healthy food and Italian cooking and organize occasional cooking workshops in our kitchen. In addition, I teach in the field of landscape architecture and, especially since I became owner of this house, I design furniture with my husband
I (Rocco Reukema) am co-owner of the architectural firm 2by4-architects which designs exclusive houses for private clients and works on spacial solutions on social related topics.
We have two young children. There is therefore enough toys available if you come with small children. We can tell you where all the nice playgrounds in the area are located.