Casa La Rosa offers the possibility to be total independent. Thanks to the presence of a kitchen with stove and fridge, you can easily make your own meals. We therefore provide breakfast on request.

Standard breakfast

The standard breakfast consists of: yogurt with muesli, bread with jam and/or cheese, juice. Coffee and tea are in the kitchen cupboards and are free to use.

Luxury breakfast

If you really want to spoil yourself, Fabiana can prepare some treats from her repertoire. A luxury breakfast is perfect for a special occasion and can, for example, consist of: a piece of cake, cookies and/or oatmeal muffins, focaccia pugliese (with tomatoes), spelt sourdough bread with jam and/or cheese, cottage cheese or soy yogurt, muesli with nuts, fresh blueberries, freshly squeezed juice of oranges, carrots and ginger. The ingredients are mostly organic, seasonal and locally produced. Everything is of course homemade. Because of this we can take into account your dietary requirements (vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten free/ no dairy/ no salt/ no sugar). Additionally, you can enjoy the breakfast in our kitchen if this is what you prefer.

Lunch / Dinner

Being Italian, Fabiana is used not only to cook tasty food but also to cook… a lot! Because of this it is always possible to enjoy what she cooks for lunch or dinner, if pre-arranged. The food is prepared and brought to Casa La Rosa. The menu always depends on what ‘s fresh in house. In any case, it is always different, tasty and healthy. If you want to know more about what Fabiana is used to cook, you can have a look at her food blog


The standard breakfast costs 10 euros, the luxury one 25 euros pp. The price of lunch/dinner depends on the menu, but it can costs 10 euros for a simple pasta dish or 35-40 euros if it consists of multiple dishes.